Assessing the needs for telecommunications and data center systems is just the first step Secure Power Solutions’ experts take to ensure secure, reliable and optimal operations.

The SPS Installation teams are comprised of experts in their fields:  our talented SPS Service Technicians, Field Service Engineers, and seasoned Electrical and Mechanical contractors.

Identifying and providing appropriate power protection, cooling systems, racks and monitoring products follows. But the entire process is not yet complete – these converged solutions typically require proper, often complex installation. SPS continues the full circle of services by working with your data systems team to provide the level of installation assistance and guidance desired to get and keep your systems running smoothly.

Each stage of our customized installation projects is closely reviewed by our team of highly experienced project managers, providing an additional level of care and assurance to our clients.

Whether you are contemplating an entire assessment-through-implementation review of your telecommunications and IT systems protection strategy, or are just considering a DC power set-up or new battery installation or replacement, call the customized installation experts – Secure Power Solutions.

We invite you to fill out our Quick Contact form below, or call our toll-free number at 888-835-8334, to request installation services for your system’s power, cooling, racks or monitoring.