Network Closet: For Campus Environments

The SPS Pro Network Closet

What’s Included?

2 x Netshelter Four-Post Rack Vertical Cable Manager, 10”w Horizontal Cable Manager Zero U Switched PDU rPDU Mounting Bracket

Nuts & Bolts

Mounting anchors for concrete floor (requires drilling)

Rack Baying Kits

Item/Description Part #
2 x Netshelter 4 Post Open Frame Rack AR203A
208v to 120v Step down transformer AP9627
Switched Rack Power Distribution Unit AP7930
rPDU Mounting Bracket AR8652
Vertical Cable Management Tower AR8625
Horizontal Cable Manager AR8606
1Select Your UPS Options
APC Smart UPS Online 5kVA SURTD5000RMXLT3U
Liebert GXT4 UPS Online 5kVA GXT4-5000RT208
2Choose Optional UPS Upgrades (not required)
APC Smart UPS Extended Run Battery Pack SURT192RMXLBP3U
Liebert GXT4 Extended Run Battery Pack GXT4-144VBATT
3Choose Optional Upgrades (not required)
Room Air Distribution Kit
Rack Monitor (Environment only)
Rack Monitor with Camera Pod
4Review Technical Requirements
Square Footage
Rack Equipment Capacity 78U (2 Racks)
Power Capacity 5kVA (3.5kW)
Power Output Voltage 208V and 120V
Runtime as configured at full load 31.5 minutes (includes 1 battery pack)
Input / Outlet Required L6-30
Total Available Power Outlets
APC Liebert
1 x L6-30R 1 x L6-30R
2 x L6-20R 24 x 5-15/20R
3 x L5-20R
24 x 5-20R
5That’s It! Just Request Quote To Complete…
Yes… I’ve reviewed the above specifications and requirements.