Vertiv Smart Cabinet for Branches

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SmartCabinet provides customers with a complete IT infrastructure solution that integrates power, power distribution, monitoring and infrastructure management all in a simple, enclosed rack solution.

It comes pre-configured and factory tested so it’s ready to use right out of the box—ensuring smooth operation from day one.

Because SmartCabinet can be installed almost anywhere, it eliminates the need for expensive room upgrades, making it well suited for branch offices, remote locations and edge computing applications.

Simplify Branch IT:

  • Standardized branch IT environments enable faster deployment, easier maintenance, simpler    issue resolution and lower overhead costs
  • Factory assembly, integration and testing help smooth operations and avoid issues
  • Remote IT management option enables users to monitor and control multiple SmartCabinet solutions from one location
  • Deployment, maintenance and analytical services help reduce life cycle costs and improve productivity and agility

 Reduce Security Risk:

  • User rights-based access and control help prevent unauthorized activity
  • On-site intrusion prevention stops unwanted physical access and ensures protection against threats
  • Support for video surveillance helps further prevent unauthorized physical activity

Minimize Downtime:

  • Remote IT management functionality enables users to prevent and fix issues quickly and without travel
  • On-line UPS provides battery back-up during power disruptions, ensuring business-critical continuity and graceful shutdown of services
  • Next day on-site emergency services can help quickly resolve issues and return operations to normal

 Speed Deployment:

  • Standardization of IT infrastructure enables streamlined, rapid deployment and maintenance
  • Factory integration of components reduces the amount of configuration required during installation and ensures optimal performance
  • Deployment services offer assistance in installing, optimizing and operating
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